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Friday 18 December 2009

Shop in the Spotlight: Swedish Design House

If you are looking for some winter style that's classier than tinsel and lasts a little longer than your chocolate advent calendar, take a cue from our Scandinavian friends. Swedish Design House is a new website specialising in – as the name might suggest – affordable Swedish farm house style. Based in Malmö, they ship all over Europe, making their enviable taste just a click away. Up-and-coming designers rub shoulders with more established names to create a small but beautifully formed site for quirky and beautiful home wares and gifts. Their products range from traditional pastel coloured wooden Dalecarlian horses to vintage plates that have been lovingly made-over into candlesticks.

The kitchen section alone contains plenty of treats, sourced from all over Sweden.

There are gorgeous pinewood jars hand-painted with floral motifs, a snip at £9 each, and perfect for stocking with vital tea and coffee supplies.

A spot of seasonal mulled wine would taste so much nicer sipped from one of 'Granma's' Farmor mugs. These are hand-made mugs with a white glaze that, true to the spirit of grans everywhere, are decorated in an appealing doily-like pattern. If you didn't want to drink from them, they'd look equally beguiling as pen or candle holders, pretty versatile for £16.

The wall decoration section contains the ultimate in easy ornamentation: removable plate wall stickers. The blue and white designs are based on plates from Rörstrand's factory which has been (literally) dishing out ceramics to Sweden since 1726. They probably won't last for almost three centuries in your home but at £5 each, who cares?

Finally, for the ultimate in hibernation, indulge in their range of textiles which includes the 100% wool doodle blanket, a more contemporary looking design that simply asks you to curl up under it in front of the telly. Like this shop, it's what winter evenings were made for.


  1. Ohh i'm loving this website so much! It's too late for my xmas wish list but its gone straight on my feb birthday list!

  2. Just popped over to your site from London Makeup it! I'm a proud domestic slut!



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