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Thursday 10 December 2009

Behind the scenes at Domestic Sluttery

We've been very busy recently! All sorts of changes going on behind the scenes! But, after sitting and keeping secrets for a very long time, we can now share some of that good news with you! Hurrah!

Firstly, our lovely Jane has had a bit of a promotion. Now she's joined the dark side of freelance writing, she's going to be Deputy Editor of Domestic Sluttery. Yay! This means lots of little tweaks and changes over the next few months. And many more exciting plans that we'll keep under our berets for now. So congratulate Jane in her new role, it's very well deserved!

We've also made another sneaky addition to the team. We've taken on the very lovely Frances Ambler. She applied for a sluttery role when we were last hiring, and despite us taking on too many girls, she was just too fabulous to pass up. You may well have read her posts over on Retro To Go. Say hello!

Anything else? Well, you might have heard that we're doing a project with Habitat soon. Next week, they're doing a photoshoot at Domestic Sluttery HQ, Miss Cay Mansions and a few of the other slut's houses to promote their Face of Habitat campaign. We're so excited! And we really need to tidy up.

And finally, as part of our plans for world domination, we're launching Domestic Sluttery in Australia very very soon. Our lovely slut down under, Jess, is bringing sluttery to the southern hemisphere and we're looking for writers! So if you're based in Aus, email her, send her a link to your blog, a sample blog post and tell her a bit about yourself! The rest of you will just have to wait until Spring to check out the new site.

Phew! We told you we were busy!


  1. Oh, hurrah! So happy to finally have the cat out of the bag. Can't wait for your submissions, Australian laydeez.

    Congrats Jane, you pretty and clever thing. Welcome Frances! xo

  2. We have been sitting on this for months! Amazed we managed to keep quiet for so long!

  3. I know, I thought we were rubbish at keeping secrets. Apparently not.

  4. We can keep our lips buttoned when we try!

  5. Hi guys - in terms of applicants for this new southern hemisphere blog... Does "down under" include New Zealand too?

  6. Ooooh, good question. Yes, I think we will definitely accept submissions from our lovely Kiwi friends.


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