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Monday 7 December 2009

Shop in the spotlight: Not Mass Produced

Online boutiques of original pieces are becoming more and more popular. It started with Etsy, then it was All Thing Original and more recently The Oriental Magpie. And honestly, I couldn't be more excited about each of them. And I'm just as excited about discovering Not Mass Produced. And these little things inparticular:

This purple resin ring is so pretty. Made in Bath, and it's £59.

This is such a pretty notebook. It's only £5.50 too.

This fancy royal crown soap is just £3.99 and fit for a queen.

Scroll down on each page and you can find out more about the artists involved. There's something exciting about that. It's what makes unique trinkets special. Not Mass Produced is well worth keeping in your bookmarks.


  1. I did a little gasp over the soap, and choked mid-slurp of tea. I hope you're happy.


  2. How lovely-thank you for featuring my soap! NotMassProduced is an exciting boutique site to be a part of-I love it!


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