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Wednesday 16 December 2009

The Winner of the Fever dress from Aspire Style

Wow, you all fell in love with this pretty dress from Aspire Style (although I never doubted for a second how much taste you guys have). I was trying to work out some sort of timeshare so you all got to wear it on special occasions, but as half of you have decided to baste your turkey in it on Christmas day, that might prove to be difficult. So we had to pick a winner...

*Drum roll*

Natalie Billau! You won! Hooray!

"Oooo how beautiful!! I'd wear this dress on my honeymoon. Me and my new hubby are off to New York on Christmas day (it's my wedding present to him and a complete surprise!!) and I'd wear this out to dinner."

That's a very fabulous reason to wear this dress, and I'm sure Natalie is going to look fabulous in New York. Please send us photos! But first, email us and tell us where to send your dress. As for the rest of you, you can enter our final competition of the year and win all kinds of brilliant goodies. Including this dress!

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