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Wednesday 9 December 2009

Christmas Time: Festivities at Fortnums

Is there a shop more festive than Fortnum and Mason right now? OK, Hamleys is doing a pretty good job as well, but I'll need a couple more lattes before I can brave over-excited kids and tourists. But, for me wondering around Fortnums on a shivery winter's morning is the best way to kick of Christmas. And if I had some Christmas wishes, I'd buy these things:

There aren't many shops so iconic that they can warrant their own Christmas bauble. Shame it's £20.

Honestly, I'm still not sick of Christmas cookies. Cupcakes just don't do it for me at Christmas. They're not shaped like angels.

Still want more tree decorations? How about this stunning green bauble?


  1. So, *so* tempted to pop in there after work...

  2. The green bauble is nice, but I wouldn't pay £35 for it! (Someone clearly has though, as it's sold out).

  3. Already! That was speedy! You're right though, it's rather a lot for a bauble!


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