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Wednesday 2 December 2009

Salt & Pepper Bots from SUCK UK

Here at Domestic Sluttery, we're a fan of anything that makes dinner time fun. From egg cups to tea cups, if it makes you smile then it should deserve a place at your table. Which is why these Salt & Pepper Bots (£20) from the purveyors of awesomeness at SUCK UK are so, well, awesome.

Not only are they cute in a dalek-y kind of way, they ACTUALLY MOVE across the table. Simply wind them up and they'll come to your aid, saving meals the world over from blandness. Or something.

Not convinced? Check out the little critters in action:


  1. This is possibly one of the greatest things I ever did see

  2. I fell in love with them BEFORE I found out they could walk! Just amazing.

  3. Those are fab! I love my salt and pepper collection!


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