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Friday 3 December 2010

All I want for Christmas: Michelle

If you have been very nice this year then maybe you will be lucky enough to find one of these fabulous indie art gifts nestling in your stocking this year!
Under £100
Angelique Houtkamp is one of my favourite tattoo artists and should I ever be brave enough to take the plunge and commit ink to my skin I would like to think she would be the one to do it. In the meantime I will satisy myself with some of her artwork to grace my walls. I am particularly smitten with this Sailor's Sweetheart Giclee Print which costs £85 from the Nude Magazine shop, but to be honest I wouldn't be disappointed to receive any of her work.

Under £50
I am very partial to the work of The House of Navarone and in particular to his Dark Alphabet of Navarone series. I love the child-like quality of his work with its underlying sinister undertones and as I am slightly obsessed with mexican wrestlers I am going to pick the heart-wrenching K is for Knot print, which cost £49.36.

Under £10
And finally, how about some illustration you can wear! I am a big fan of the work of Amy Walters and have always had a soft spot for her Red Beard and Quiff Brooch, which cost £5.59. That is a fella with a mighty impressive quiff!


  1. Eee, I'm so pleased you mentioned Paul of Navarone! I love his stuff. Go on people, make an independent seller happy and buy some of his art.

  2. Thanks Sara! Paul's stuff is wonderful isn't it. One day I hope to be able to have the full alphabet!!

  3. I love Angelique Houtkamp! And the stuff she does with Nude is always such a bargain. I bought 3 small prints of pirate ladies as a present for myself through Nude last year, and it was only £75 for all three!

  4. The redbeard one is definitely conan o'brien and nothing can persuade me otherwise.


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