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Friday 3 December 2010

The winner of the Debenhams Christmas tree!

Wow, you were a crafty bunch, weren't you?! Turns out I'm not the only one who made an angel from a loo roll. Half of you had loo roll angels! And cookie decorations mauled by assorted pets. Such awesome Christmassy stories.

But, we did have to pick a winner! And the clever random number generating internet thingy picked... *drum roll please*...

Ellen! Who had this to say:

I used to build a little house entirely made out of sweets.
You build the walls out of cookies and glue them with icing. Decorate everything with haribo, chocolate, nuts or what ever you fancy.

Can we have a house please, Ellen? No? The just email us and tell us where you'd like us to send your prize! The rest of you should pop over to Debenhams and take a look at their Christmassy things. And of course, enter the competition that's coming up later today.

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