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Thursday 2 December 2010

All I Want For Christmas: Siany

You can basically sum up my Christmas list as everything I've been writing about for the last three weeks (seriously, that dress, that book, that lamp, that mirror). But apparently I have to do an actual Christmas guide too. So here's a few thing I've got my heart set on this festive season.

Under £100

I couldn't possibly have a gift guide without a dress, could I? Of course not! I've chosen this green Hybrid dress from ASOS (£85). I don't own nearly enough green, and I don't own nearly enough dresses that are this sexy. There's a touch of gold in the fabric, so I'll have to have some gold shoes to go with it. It won't even make you look like a Christmas tree.

Under £50

This hooded robe is from The White Company (they've been branching out into brown and grey recently) and it looks like the snuggliest thing. You can keep your Slankets, hopefully I'll be lounging around in this on Christmas day. It's got a hood for cryin' out loud! Do Slankets have a hood? No they do not.

Under £10

This mug just about sums me up. Books and words have turned my brain. If they've turned yours as well, this is £9.95 from the Literary Gift Company. On Christmas Day, I'm going to be drinking mulled wine out of it, but it'll look like I'm sipping tea. Clever, no?


  1. Oh my god that green dress... I'm dying. If I hadn't already purchased my dress for the office Christmas party it would have most certainly been purchased. Now, what else can I make an excuse for that I need a new frock....?

  2. Oh I want that mug!!! *starts yet another page to her Christmas wishlist*


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