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Monday 13 December 2010

Romantic Robots

"Good night, I love you..." Says Boy Robot.
"Love you too. Sleep tight..." Says Girl Robot.

And then I swoon. Because that's just the cutest thing. Little robots in love! These grey robot pillow cases from Mengsel Design on Etsy are utterly adorable. They're printed with a water-based non chemical ink, so there's no bad stuff. Just utter utter robot cuteness.

They're $44 and there's a $5 postage charge. They're absolutely the coolest pillowcases I've ever seen. Turns out that robots are cool, but romantic robots are even better.


  1. Even my husband said "awww" to these - I think you may be on to a winner!

  2. It's so difficult not to be completely charmed by them.


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