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Monday 20 December 2010

Handy Hankies

Once upon a time when men wore bowler hats, women wore corsets, and everyone carried a handkerchief. Y'know, for dabbing one's lip after enjoying a tea and biscuit of an afternoon, or for waving at someone when you say goodbye to them on the train.... Sigh. Hankies are a sign of class, and I miss them.

The good news is, now corsets are making a reappearance in fashion, bowler hats are back in style, and yes, hankies have returned!

I love these ones from Thornback and Peel, which have various pretty animal and nature designs on them. They're the right amount of fancy, without being too fussy. My personal favourites are the turquoise bees, and the grey pigeons, but there's a whole range so there will be something for everyone. They're £15.50 for a set of three in a simple presentation box, and they'll make a really gorgeous gift.

Guest post by Claire Nelson.

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  1. Hurrah! I love hankies, so much more useful than tissues. I have quite a good collection of dainty vintage numbers going ;)


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