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Friday 10 December 2010

Give a monkey: Lisa Jones studio mugs

If I want to guarantee myself a cheering cup of tea on a morning, I'm going to have to make space on my kitchen shelf for the new range of mugs from Lisa Jones studio. Definitely armed with a touch of animal magnetism, each mug features a childlike illustration of a different creature. Bright and fun, they're priced at £13 so you can afford to give a monkey this Christmas. You'll just need to try and decide on a favourite (hint: owl fans should stay, hold on tight...).

Monkey business aside, how about this foxy fox?

Or this little creature? As Leslie Nielsen might have said, nice beaver.

And, finally, for all the die-hard owl fans out there, here's one of our feathered friends. Like? Take a look at their website for plenty more owly goodness.

My preference? Definitely the fantastic Mr Fox but I'll happily take any one of them, especially if they're filled with a nice milky cup of tea. Guaranteed animal magic!


  1. Lovely! I've recently become a big owl fan so one of these gorgeous mugs is definitely going in the "one for me" stocking.

  2. I love the fox one! But they're so ace that I really want the whole set.

  3. I'm currently torn between the beaver mug and the owl mug. I do so love how the beaver is slightly cross eyed...

  4. Oh he is, isn't he?! But the owl is very 'Owl who was afraid of the dark'...


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