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Wednesday 26 August 2009

Don't panic! It's the test card clock

My best friend has set the "BLARM BLARM BLARM" nuclear warning-type noise as her morning alarm on her iPhone. Why an earth would she do such a thing? Because, apparently, when you wake up thinking the world is ending, everything is a step up. Even a rainy Monday.

With that in mind, here's the brilliant test card clock from Urban Outfitters (£35), with that classic colour-block TV test card design. The test card was meant to flash up when programmes had gone off the air, there was a fault or, presumably, full-scale nuclear war had broken out.

But, 'spretty. And though it comes with a certain illegibility, who needs a clock that you can actually use to tell the time?

We all have iPhones for that now, right?


  1. haha my boyfriend has the same alarm on his iphone. The first time it happened I jumped out of bed screaming and he had to be like "EVERYTHING is fine, we're not being fire bombed! It's ok it's ok..."

  2. I use that sound as my ringtone and I'm gradually collcting pictures of my friends looking shocked to use as the screenshots for them. That way I get a visual of panic to go with the sound!

  3. I have fond memories of the test card and love the clock!

  4. I have the scary alarm sound on my phone too. Because nothing else has a chance of waking me up from my beauty sleep.


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