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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Shop in the spotlight: Darlings of Chelsea

Darlings of Chelsea are quite literally in the spotlight this week because they've just turned up in Greenwich (where Domestic Sluttery HQ is based). Unfortunately, they've turned up in place of my favourite vintage shop. What happened to the great vintage shop with all the 60s dresses?! Where did it go? I was a bit mad, until I saw this chair:

I really like that chair. It's even got a handy little table for your cuppa. And it's in the sale! So it's now only £470. And then I spotted this chaise lounge thing:

And this red one is pretty cool too:

It's harder to be annoyed at the shop when they have such nice things.


  1. I need that first chair in my life. It looks like the offspring of a really funky wallpaper and a really comfy chair.

  2. Drat. Is the vintage shop gone completely? I was planning on going there this weekend. Don't particularly like the chairs that have arrived in it's place...

  3. It's The Observatory shop that's gone :-( it was there last week, I'm sure of it!

  4. I am in love with that chaise longue (or however you spell it - whichever way I try it looks wrong!)...*sigh*

  5. I think my favourite is the last chair. I just haven't had time to mourn the vintage shop yet. Still, better it's not just an empty shop.


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