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Friday, 28 August 2009

Jammy Dodger pearl necklace

Those words shouldn't really work in a sentence together but you have to agree that this is one pretty special necklace.

I want it! And considering its just £13 from Lunacy Boutique, and its pay day today, then I reckon I can justify it. Sadly its not a 'real' jammy dodger but to compensate the 'jammy' heart has been glittered up for that extra glam factor. Does that make it a Glammy Dodger? No, that just sounds wrong! There are also Bourbon and Custard Cream versions too. Its got me thinking about biscuits now, what are your favourite biccies readers? I'm partial to a dark chocolate hob nob me!


  1. Rich teas aren't biscuits. They're rubbish.

  2. Chocolate covered Hob Nobs are a thing of great beauty. Also-you didn't mention Jaffa Cakes! What a disgrace. ;)

  3. Agree about rich tea, even with chocolate on they're still rubbish. Jaffa cakes are cakes;P

  4. It's true - they are cakes.

  5. Rich teas are indeed pointless.

    Hobnobs FTW.

  6. Indeed, it was not an oversight:

    They are biscuit shaped cakes!

  7. How about party rings! Always a fave in work.

    And I love this necklace

  8. I LOVE this!! Personally, I don't think you can beat a WagonWheel buscuit wise...

  9. Wow, ginger nuts seem more popular than Hob-nobs at the moment. Didn't expect that!


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