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Monday 24 August 2009

Shopping Heaven: Cupcakes & Polka Dots at Cloth Ears

cupcake-patterned cushions to ceramic butter dishes and sugar bowls in the shape of cakes, these folks have got it all. Granted, you couldn’t have more than one or two statement pieces, otherwise your home would look like that of a senile, nostalgia-obsessed grandma. But frankly, that’s a risk I’m willing to take if it means I can own beauties like this set of three red polka-dot storage cases for just £18.99:

I could spend a small fortune on the Cloth Ears website. From bunting patterned with cowboys and

They're definitely not elegant or under-stated, and they'd do you no favours in the unisex bedroom battle, but there's a child-like romanticism about them that I love (maybe because they make me think of old-fashioned train stations, and travelling to exciting, exotic places). If you kept the kitsch accessories elsewhere to a minimum, they'd look fab stacked on top of a wardrobe, or lined up in a hallway.


  1. These are very nice! I've been on the lookout for something like this recently, as I'm looking for a storage case.

    If anyone is interested, I've found what looks like the same set elsewhere for £7.50 (great value for three cases!). Here's the link -

  2. You're so much more thrifty than we are! That's another thing we've featured you've found for even cheaper! Yay!

  3. Oh God bless you Domestic Sluttery: I'm about to lose my job, and looking at Cloth Ears has just sent me into orgies of delighful frothy happy thoughts that don't involve the internet job market. Thank you for making every morning a happy and good-looking one.

  4. Hooray! Pleased we cheered you up. Good luck with the job hunting!


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