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Wednesday 26 August 2009

The winner of our 'I love cake' earrings competition!

Drum roll please....

The winner is Heidi! For this little story...

"A couple of years ago I was having some friends round to supper and I'd planned a very impressive rolled pork loin with apricot and herb stuffing all tied together with bacon, home grown vegetables - I was out to impress. I'd gone to the local farmers' market and bought the pork loin, then left it in the kitchen under a gauze umbrella thing ready for me to begin my creation once I'd got the veg. I went out to the garden (in my floral dress, of course) collecting mange tout, carrots and fresh herbs - impressive...but I was married to a farmer - none of it was my doing - I spent my days reading books and drinking wine!
So, there I was, Lady Bountiful, returning to the kitchen with my veggie haul, only to discover the large black farm cat had dragged the pork loin onto the floor and eaten half of it! It was still raw!

I cut off the chewed bit, rinsed it under a tap and carried on with the recipe, adding some more bacon and pretended it hadn't happened.
Later that evening once my guests had drank half their body weight in wine I told them - they don't talk to me anymore."

Oh dear. I'm not sure if we should let Heidi cook for us, but we will send her some snazzy earrings if she emails us and tells us where to send them. And the rest of you? We promise to create excellent recipes from whatever it was you were trying to make. So you hopefully won't have any more disasters.


  1. Yay! Brilliant... Well Done!

  2. Great story from a perfect DS - congratulations!!


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