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Friday 21 August 2009

New Plumo Range

Plumo launched their new Autumn range today (I am not happy about the mention of Autumn, frankly Autumn can go away). But I am happy about nosing about at some new stuff. Plumo doesn't seem to change its range very often, so it's nice to see something fresh available.

Really like this little floral table. It's unusual but still practical.

I'm not entirely sure I'd get any use out of these scissors, but they sure are pretty. Great shape to them.

The rest of the stuff doesn't interest me, but the stripy milk jug in the background has really caught my attention.

This range isn't exactly groundbreaking. In fact, the cynic in me might suggest it's the Summer range with a few added bits and a darker lick of paint, but if you're a fan, then you'll love the new stuff and you should check it out.

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