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Thursday 13 August 2009

Utterly Cuckoo at All Things Original

This is my new most-wanted item this week (my wish-list is getting mighty long). But just lookit! It's a little cuckoo clock! But a lovely necklace! Let's have a close-up:

See? See how pretty? It's from All Things Original and get this. It's only £17.50. I'm totally cuckoo.


  1. You can make one yourself buy buying a dolls house clock (i.e that one) for 99p on ebay.

  2. It might be easy to make yourself, but lots of people want something ready-made - this is the perfect option for those that do.

    I make my own jewellery and it's not always as easy as it looks to recreate something you've seen elsewhere...

    But you might have fun trying :-)


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