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Friday 28 August 2009

We're going to tea at Betty Blythe - who wants to come?

Wow - we're being spoiled this week! We've been asked by the lovely people at Qype if we'd like to go down to the quite wonderful Betty Blythe "fine food pantry" in West Kensington next week, for a ladies-only evening of tea, sweet things, gossip and chat with a glamorous special guest. Naturally, we're very excited. But the best part of all is that we've been asked to bring two very special guests along to join in the fun. That means two of you, darling readers!

This glorious get-together will be taking place next Wednesday, 2nd September from 6.15pm onwards. It's completely free - you've just got to be able to get down to west London on the day. Do you think we should pick you to join us?

Let us know who you are and why you think we should ask you to come along in the comments before 6pm today (that's Friday 28th, folks), and we'll pick the two lucky ladies out soon after. Naturally, we'd love to bring you all, but Betty Blythe is too perfectly formed to fit us all in...


  1. Who am I? Wow what a question, suppose I'm Linzi, Irish, vegetarian, Pisces, chocolate lover, vodka drinker...
    I've been told I'm hilariously funny, however inadvertent that may be, so you are guaranteed a good time. I also have eyes way bigger than my belly so I never steal the last piece of cake!

  2. Whaaa, I can't come :( I have to work late shifts all week because I have to be in all day due to a bathroom refurb!! WHAAA :(

  3. Afternoon sluts!
    What a joy it was tos ee this on my twitter of a mundane Friday!

    Well, i am an avid fan of your site which must make me a bit of a slut to...a domestic one of course!

    Love all things craft/cocktail/fashion related....and sometimes i even attempt to cook! Would love to come to the tea and cake event, am even wearing my teacup and spoon necklace from accessorize in hounour!

    Fingers crossed...
    Yours sluttishly

    Laura Bates

  4. I would LOVE to come to meet you all at Domestic Sluts, as an avid blog reader and have to say having just heard about Betty Blythe the other day, can't think of somewhere else I'd rather be on Wednesday evening!

    I rarely get out for a girly evening as I run my own business and right now life is work work work, would love some frivoulous date with people I don't know!!

  5. I love afternoon tea. There is not enough of it about. Your call to the tea table reminds me that I a woman of exquisite breeding and delicacy. I can drink a cup of tea without pouring it into the saucer. I dont stick out my little finger. I never stir like a navvie. I know how to use a napkin. I know how to introduce people to each other following ancient and unwritten rules. I know the precise age when a girl becomes a woman and stays seated when another adult enters a room. I have got a frock. I am quite nice. I know good jokes and some great recipes. I need a nice afternoon out before life gets hectic and all my students return.

    But if you dont invite me, I will graciously wish you a jolly afternoon.

  6. Okay ladies,

    Our darling winners today are Laura Bates and Mrs B! Congratulations, I can't wait to see you there :) Make sure you email our lovely editor on [email protected] so we can make sure you get to the parlour on Wednesday.

    Of course, we wish so much we could bring you all. Fret not, there will definitely be lots more tea, cake and frivolity in future.

    Love, Jessica Rose.

  7. I am mandiemoo!! A crap cook, a crap housewife,cant make pastry or cakes!! I would love to come to your afternoon tea!! I love tea, wine, cookies, cupcakes, vodka & diet coke & strawberries!! No one has ever invited me to afternoon tea!! I am a terrible giggler and i think thats why no-one invites me!! The women at work thinks its coz im common!! One in the eye for the snotty old bags if im invited to your tea xx

  8. Don't worry! We'll have many more events I promise!


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