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Monday 24 August 2009

If the Domestic Sluts created wallpaper...

I've got a bit of a love for unusual wallpaper. An obsession, some might call it. But the power of wallpaper is a bit like buying a brilliant new dress that no one else has. Just on a much larger scale. But, there's some wallpaper that try as I might, I just can't find. I think I've imagined it and it doesn't really exist, but here are some things I'd really like to see on wallpaper:

The seven deadly sins: Greed, envy, pride and the rest of them all get thrown about on anything. Apart from wallpaper. A decent font and you've got yourself a really unusual print.

Giraffes: I love that penguin wallpaper in the photo, but I'd really really like to see giraffes on wallpaper. Can someone fix this for me?

The Alphabet: There's all sorts of numbery paper around, but I'm yet to find a wallpaper with the alphabet on. I'm a word geek, it's not fair.

So those are my top wallpaper wishes. If you know where I can get any of those, please let me know. And if there's something else you want to see papering your house, tell us in the comments. Who knows, maybe our wishes might come true...


  1. Here's some giraffe wallpaper ideas:

    And this bedding's quite funky:

    Anyway....back to work!

  2. Yay! Thanks! I've tried to avoid wall stickers as I've already got some of those. I really want to paper the inside of my bookshelf, so wall stickers won't work.

    But there is hope. Yes there is.

  3. Here's an alphabet wallpaper:

    comes in grey as well..

    Ok so it's the greek alphabet but still quite funky!

  4. Ooh it's so close! I WILL find some. Preferably in a rather lovely fuschia.


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