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Wednesday 12 August 2009

Wall Candy: Iconic Prints from Rock Archive

The guilty culprit might not want to own up to it in public, but I know for a fact that at least one of the other Domestic Sluts has a whopper of a crush on Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. And I do too. Call me crazy, but there’s something about his elastic face, massive gob and spandex-encased body that just makes me come over all unnecessary.

Now, I know opinion might be divided here, but for me personally, life would be immeasurably improved if I had a massive picture of him adorning my walls that I could drool over on a daily basis. The only slight hitch is that I’m of the opinion that once you’re out of your teens, posters of pop stars can look a little shabby and unsophisticated. So what’s a lust-crazed fangirl with a thing for sleazy eighties cock rock to do? Enlist the services of Rock Archive, of course.

With thousands of iconic images of hundreds of musicians from photographers as infamous as Mick Rock and Catherine McGann, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Whether it’s Marilyn Manson or Madonna who floats your boat, you can choose from an epic range of prints in a variety of sizes, giving your humble abode a boost in rock’n’roll credibility, but without making you look like the kind of girl who still smooches her collage of Hanson cut-outs before bed every night. Just don’t expect me to come round for tea if you opt for someone as hideously revolting as Oasis or the Libertines.

An A1 version of this print of Steven Tyler and Joe Perry will set me back £645, which is a snip for the amount of visual pleasure it will bring me.


  1. I'm not afraid to say it! I have a crush on Steven Tyler! Well, I did. But now he's just passed over into 'old man' territory as opposed to 'aging rock star'. Bit creepy now.

  2. Wash your mouth out, young lady! He's hot. End of.


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