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Thursday 27 August 2009

Keep the festival spirit alive with camper van eggcups

So here we are. The August Bank Holiday weekend is looming, a chilly breeze is whipping up the leaves outside, and we've FINALLY got all the mud out of our washing machines.

And you know what that means. Festival season is over. Sigh.

But you can keep the festival spirit alive through the winter with these camper van egg cups from Urban Outfitters (£9). They come in a selection of colours, and you could perhaps drive them up and down this Bodie and Fou UK map print, reliving your happy summer memories of driving to Glastonbury, V, Green Man and Reading.

Or, you know, eat eggs out of them. Whatever.


  1. You can whoosh them up the table to your friends to deliver their eggs! And have eggy races! All sorts of egg cup fun!

    Didn't you post about shark shaped salt n pepper shakers a while back? Your dining table sounds all sorts of fun!

  2. I don't even *like* boiled eggs but I wants these!

    Mostly so I can do eggy races.


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