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Friday 20 March 2009

Cupboard Lust: The Giant Cupcake Tin

Here at Domestic Sluttery we have something of a fetish for confectionery of all kinds. And cupcakes are no exception. We might even go as far as to say that a damn good cupcake is the pinnacle of all treats that involve sugar, sprinkles or cream. And whilst we love the cutesy mini-cupcakes that the folks at Crumbs and Doilies do so well, all ladies know that sometimes only a mammoth mouthful will do. Which is why I’m lusting over this giant cupcake tin from Firebox. Fill both halves of this whopping non-stick pan with sponge mixture (or whatever else takes your fancy), cook and then glue the two halves together with cream, icing or jam and decorate with whatever gloriously unhealthy ingredients you have to hand. And, if you’re enamoured with idea of scaled-up celebrations and oversized cake paraphernalia, you could even add this jumbo birthday candle. Perfect for parties, and no-one will ever question you again when you say that size matters.


  1. Hehe, my (very silly) friend just suggested we make lots of these and put them on a giant cake stand.

    I approve.

  2. The Range sells a similar thing, but made from silicon, which is cheaper and takes up less space in the kitchen.


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