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Monday 30 March 2009

Save on getting-ready time: wear an apron!

When I'm entertaining guests, my usual strategy is to select and put aside a fabulous outfit, pull on something old and slobby to cook in, only to notice three hours later that time's up and I'll have to greet my friends in the same filthy old rags I'd started work in. I'm usually still pulling on my best shoes by the dessert course...

The answer is, of course an apron. And happily there are plenty out there that are far from frumpy!

The 'cupcake apron' pictured above is part of a range of pinup-inspired aprons by Etsy seller World Famous Aprons, who has a nice selection of printed pinnies, including polka-dot, leopard and zebra. It's so pretty I can't imagine wanting to take it off!

I've seen lots of gorgeous full-length aprons but if you're after something a bit more minimal, this mini apron by Smarmyclothes ('because bad girls need aprons too') is quite alarmingly cute.


  1. I'll confess to having a Cath Kidston stars apron.

  2. It's like dressing up without any effort at all!

    I'm a big fan of the mini apron in this post, I'm not sure I'd want to get melted chocolate and flour all over the other one.

  3. I am *absolutely* getting one of these! I like the brown with pink polka dots by WorldFamousAprons.

  4. Well, as a full time housemaid I wear an apron all day. Unfortunatly mine is not half as fashionable as the one from WFA"s.
    My whole uniform (which is supplied} is "pre war" vintage style!! My employers like a traditional looking maid so no fashionable aprons or dresses for me. Google "harvey girls" and you will get an idea.



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