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Sunday 15 March 2009

BHS reduce their lighting by 50% - it's chandelier time!

It may not be your first stop for clothing, but bhs is an untapped resource for homewares. Right now they've slashed prices on all their lighting, meaning this acrylic and steel chandelier has been cut from a heart attack-inducing £120 to a slightly more palatable £60.

A word of warning when it comes to ceiling lights like this: it's worth hiring an electrician or handyman to fit them, especially if you live in property with a high ceiling! I speak from experience here, after one memorable afternoon watching my dad up a stepladder, attempting to make a square peg fit in a round hole (so to speak). It's worth it when it's up, though!

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  1. Oh, you've hit on my chandelier obsession! Unfortunately really wouldn't go in my living room, but I'm working hubby around to having one in the bedroom. I really want to pull down the ones at Urban Outfitters whenever I'm there and walk out with them.


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