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Sunday 1 March 2009

Cooking Conversion Charts

Confused about grams and ounces? Haven't a clue what you're doing with your cups and sticks? We've put together this cooking conversion chart which should help with the most popular of queries. These charts are also included in the Domestic Sluttery book, which you should definitely buy.

Oven Temperatures

Gas                Electric (Celsius)             Electric (Farenheit)                      

1                            130                                  275
2                            150                                  300
3                            165                                  325
4                            180                                  350
5                            190                                  375
6                            200                                  400
7                            220                                  425
8                            230                                  450
9                            240                                  475
10                          260                                  500

Common cup measurements

Ingredient                                     Metric              Imperial                Cups

White flour                                    140g                      5oz                      1 cup
Caster sugar                                  200g                     7oz                      1 cup
Icing sugar                                     110g                     4oz                      1 cup
Ground almonds                            150g                      5 1/4oz                1 cup
Butter                                            110g                      4oz                      1/2 cup or 1 stick
Brown sugar                                  175g                      6oz                      1tbsp

Metric to Imperial

Metric                Imperial

25g                       1oz
55g                       2oz
85g                       3oz
115g                     4oz (1/4lb)
140g                     5oz
175g                     6oz
200g                     7oz
225g                     8oz (1/2lb)
250g                     9oz
280g                     10oz
350g                     12oz (3/4lb)
450g                     16oz (1lb)

Roasting Meat

Always have trouble with roasting? Want to have a bash at Hazel's Christmas cockerel (pictured above). Here's a handy guide to those roasting times. Be sure to treat all figures and timings as approximate - ovens and meat cuts will vary your cooking times. Take special care when cooking poultry and if you’re really unsure, invest in a meat thermometer to test the middle of your meat.

Cook at 180 degrees/ 350 F/ gas mark 4 for a perfect roast

Lamb - 30 minutes per 500 grams and your lamb will be perfectly pink
Beef - 30 minutes per 500 grams if you like it medium, or 20 minutes per 500 grams if you like it medium rare.
Chicken - 30 minutes for every 500 grams. Stuffed? Add another 30 minutes onto the total cooking time.
Turkey - 20 minutes per 500 grams, at 10 minutes per kilo for a stuffed bird.
Duck - 20 minutes per 500 grams will do the trick.
Pork - 45 minutes per 500 grams until the juices run clear

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