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Sunday 1 March 2009

The Domestic Sluttery Book

In the small amount of hours in the day between hungover and drunk, we managed to write ourselves a book! It's out now and available on Amazon and in all good bookshops. It's already been dubbed the 'sexiest book in the world' and this page will tell you a little more about the book, and the ladies involved in the surprisingly sober writing of all of those words.

Name: Sian Meades, editor. (Follow me on Twitter - @sianysianysiany)
I wrote about... home stuffs and decorating, cocktails, cheesecake, holidays and I created the drunken accessory guide.
I smile when... I eat lemon tart and clotted cream. And when cats make that funny noise when you wake them up.
If I ruled the world I would... Free ice cream for everyone!
You'll find me drinking... Tea. Gin(gerbread lattes). Stuff with bubbles in. Strawberry milkshakes.

Inside you'll find Sluttery recipes like this pasta.

Name: Frances Ambler (follow me on Twitter - @francesambler)
I wrote about... clothes care, container cultivation and creepy crawlies. Mostly I sent emails late at night to the others and made the world's best colour-coded spreadsheet to keep track of everything.
My favourite thing in the world is... Dancing at a sweaty gig/swimming in a sunny sea/reading in a cosy corner.
I smile when... I catch strangers on the bus smiling at their own thoughts.
If I could only eat one meal again it would be... Fish and Chips - though only from my home town of Grimsby. I'm very strict about this rule.

You'll find great tips for your home. Without actually having to do any DIY.

Name: Alex English (follow me on Twitter - @alexthepink)
I wrote about... Baking - everything from biscuits to the amazing 'finale' cake at the end of the food section.
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without... a sugar mouse in my stocking and Mary Poppins on the tv.
My favourite thing in the world is... my pink KitchenAid mixer.
You'll find me drinking... Ribena (I'm pregnant at the moment). Under normal circumstances, Amaretto on the rocks.

Remember we mentioned those cocktails?

Name: Sara Vali (follow me on Twitter - @fox_in_the_snow)
I wrote about... awesome food, mainly vegetarian. And hangover tips. You'll probably need those.
If I ruled the world I would... make capes and glitter obligatory. (Actually, I'd probably panic and hide under the bed under a grown-up took over.)
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without... a cat almost electrocuting itself by chewing through the Christmas tree lights.
You'll find me drinking... amaretto and cranberry juice, aka Bakewell Martinis.

We made this.

Name: Gemma Cartwright (follow me on Twitter - @gemmacartwright)
I wrote about... party planning, looking amazing and making paella!
My favourite thing in the world is... long lie-ins.
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without... pork pie for breakfast, stupid hats and fishing out all the strawberry cremes.
You'll find me drinking... champagne, what else? Ok, prosecco then.

Want to know who our style icons are? Everyone from punk pop stars to comic characters gets a mention.

Name: Sarah Drinkwater (follow me on Twitter - @sarahdrinkwater)
I wrote about... Finding vintage to suit your shape, and my top tips for bargain hunting at flea markets, charity shops and jumble sales.
After a big night out I always... Want to have a breakfast and a gossip with my friends.
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without... Oh, everything. I love Christmas an embarrassing amount, and enjoy all the cliches, from London ice rinks to my parents chocolate box cosy house in Gloucestershire.
If I could only eat one meal again it would be... I'd like to be fancy and say something nice and chic, but I actually love chicken kiev and mash.

The book covers home, food and drink, style and there's a life section for everything from hangovers to travel tips.

Name: Selina Conroy (follow me on Twitter - @neverenoughshoe)
I wrote about... Actually, I got my red pen out and made sure that we spelled everything correctly.
After a big night out, you'll find me... on the sofa watching E!, drinking Lucozade and tea and eating Vegemite on toast. And having flashbacks to potentially awesome and/or embarrassing events from the night before.
I smile when... I get to have lazy Sunday morning hugs in bed with my children. And The Hairy Drummer. And the cat. It's a good job I have a big bed!

Want to know more about the book? Want to interview us? Stock our book? All of those things? You can email Harri O'Neill at Anova, or get in touch with Domestic Sluttery directly. We'd love to hear from you. Let's go for ice cream.
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