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Friday 27 March 2009

Littlest details: Soap Dishes

I've spent the last week trawling shops for the perfect soap dish. (Yes, this is the point where I realised my design obsession was getting out of hand). I can't find a single pretty soap dish that isn't boring. Chic? Sometimes. Practical? Certainly. Booooooring. I've never really got on very well with 'practical' (what, you didn't get that from a teacup chandelier and moomin mugs?)

So I turned to Etsy and I don't know why I didn't before. Look at all these pretty soap dishes I've found! I want them all now. It's acceptable to have more than one soap dish, right?

This is my favourite. I want this one the most please. It's $15 from NewMoonStudio.

Lace isn't something you can get into a bathroom easily, but it's mighty pretty when you can. $16 from Madhatterceramics.

This is how you decorate your house without becoming 'crazy cat lady'. No one wants crazy cat lady. It's only $6 from Suramicspottery.

This one is $28 from Littlehandstudios. Much prettier than dull old white.

And you thought soap dishes were dull boring things.


  1. I have a really tacky soapdish with tiny penguins that move around inside the transparent casing when you pick it up. Not a design classic, but lots of soap dishes go.

  2. See? Soap dishes are more fun than you think they are!


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