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Tuesday 17 March 2009

Ring, ring. Hello, gorgeous?

Blackberry, schmackberry.

I realise that with mobile technology coming out of our ears, the good old reliable home phone seems to be going the way of the dinosaur. But the one thing mobile phones lack is the ability to legitimately embrace the world of retro chic design… because retro chic for mobile phones means a one kilogram brick-shaped piece of black plastic with minimal reception.

Ah, but just look at this little pretty. It just screams, "Put me on your bedside table!"

Doesn’t it make you want to call your BFF and talk about boys while painting your toenails and gazing at a half-torn poster of Johnny Depp?* It's an updated version of a 1959 product - unlike the original one, this has all those convenient things for us lazy 21st Centuryites, like push buttons on a rotary dial facade, a redial button and volume control.

The Princess Phone is available in pink, electric pink (pictured) and chrome from Oliver Bonas for the princessly sum of £39.10.

*No? Just me then.

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