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Monday 30 March 2009

Turning time with some unusual clocks

I really don't like the clocks changing. It messes with my head, I have no idea what time it is and my brain thinks I'm sleepy and hungry all at the wrong time (yes, I know I'll feel fine tomorrow). But then, I realised that I don't have a single clock in my house. It's not out of choice, I just have trouble finding any that aren't really ugly. That standard kitchen clock just isn't going to cut it in Domestic Sluttery HQ. But these might:

This Habitat clock was recommended by Rasga, one of our Twitter followers. I wasn't sure if I liked it to start with, but even if you can't tell the time on it, it's rather stunning, isn't it?

If you fancy something a bit more homemade, try this one from Berry Red. Cute!

This one is from Buy The Sea and it'll make you think of summery beachy days. At least the silly clock change means summer is coming. Hurrah!


  1. There's a small (loud) child inside me who really, really wants that second clock and will scream loudly and stamp her feet until she gets it, or until you distract her with a cookie.

  2. Very cool clocks. I've spent time in the past looking for quirky clocks and these are just my style :)Unfortunately though, the £302.45 time for tea clock is also a little out of my budget... shame.


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