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Tuesday 17 March 2009

Cocktail Hour: The Bols Cocktail Database

You gotta love those clever clogs at Bols. Not only do they make an epic variety of deliciously flavoured liqueurs, but they’re also happy to instruct you on how to use them to make the perfect cocktail too. Their cocktail database has more than 15,000 free recipes, with a handy search function that lets you make your selection based on the type of ingredients and glassware you have to hand, as well as your preferred method of beverage-making (basically, whether you can be bothered getting out the blender, or prefer the shake ’n’ stir approach). And if you sign up to the site, you can even design your own personal drinks database. After selecting the contents of your drinks cabinet, you’ll be given a list of cocktails you can make using the ingredients you already have at home. Perfect if your friends make a habit of dropping in unannounced. Or if it’s too cold and wet outside to trek to the local off licence in search of obscure ingredients.

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