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Monday 23 March 2009

Cupboard Lust: Chocolate Time Chocolatiere

I know that it's Lent, and that apparently means we should be being well-behaved and healthy, and giving up our favourite naughty treats. But I also know that no matter how hard I try, I can’t give up chocolate any more than I can make my main squeeze look more like Captain Jack Sparrow with the power of positive thinking.

Which is why I’m dying for this retro-looking contraption. When you melt chocolate in a microwave or pan, it starts hardening as soon as you take it away. Meaning plenty of faffing and wastage. (Chocolate wastage = punishable by death when it’s PMT week). But because the chocolatiere is mains-powered, it can be used as a chocolate fondue set at dinner parties for dipping fruits and sweets (or whatever else takes your fancy), as well as making using melted chocolate whilst cooking much easier. It comes with a selection of moulds, recipes and skewers, and is just £19.95, from Prezzybox. Maybe the diet can be postponed until 2010….

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