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Sunday 15 March 2009

Profligate Moleskinery: Notebook Lust

My name is Robyn and am a Moleskine slut. I love notebooks the way other women love shoes.

I imagine myself sipping espresso on the Rive Gauche with a notebook balanced delicately on one knee as I sketch a bird while composing a poem to the glory of the morning sun on a red clay roof, and scribble down the opening refrain of a new symphony.

In reality I use my notebooks for shopping lists,
hastily-scrawled notes to myself ("MILK on Tuesdays!") or the phone numbers of people I will never call.

But now that can all change, thanks to Scatterbox Originals' El Bandido customised notebooks!

El Bandido, infamous cat burglar, scoundrel, cad and trickster, likes to have little notebooks to keep track of his adventures. This one is adorned with his own portrait (he is a little vain, after all) but all the pages have been left untouched for your very own plans and schemes.
I think I'm in love.

The El Bandido notebooks only cost £6.85 from Etsy, and you can also buy this Moleskine organising pouch from Angharad, so not only do you have somewhere to put your plans and schemes, you can keep them warm and pretty at the same time.


  1. Robyn, have you seen ' People sharing artwork from the pages of their Moleskines. Now we just need a 'skine.words equivalent.

  2. I have many plans and schemes. I need this.


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