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Sunday 15 March 2009

Welcome to Domestic Sluttery

Domestic Sluttery is the new home and lifestyle blog for women who have better things to do.

The site was created because women don't have time to decorate, or to spend hours in the kitchen anymore. We work, we go out and we have fun. We basically live our lives and would rather shag than do the dishes. But that doesn't mean that we don't want our homes to be beautiful. If anything, they mean more to us because the time we spend at home is more precious.

There are so many cooking blogs, fashion sites and home and design blogs out there that do a great job. But we wanted a blog that mixed everything together. They're not mutually exclusive parts of our life.

Everything we blog about is meant to be a quick fix. We want instant gratification. We want you to look at something and like it so much that you'll want to buy it straight away, or you'll be inspired to make a cocktail you've never tried before. Every now and again we'll show you some fashion and design stuff that we've fallen in love with. Just because it's really really pretty. We're expecting to become much poorer over the next few weeks because if we don't really love something, we won't feature it on the site. We buy half of the stuff we write about. We haven't told our bank managers yet.

Domestic Sluttery is written by women who write for different corners of the internet. We cook, decorate and design (usually with a glass of something close to hand) without giving up our lives. We want to make your home your own, without doing very much at all.

So you can get on with the rest of your life.

Image from Hallie Elizabeth at deviantART.


  1. The site looks great! Well done :)

  2. Thanks, Lizzie! Pleased you like it!

  3. Loving your work ladies. What a great blog - I'm now officially addicted. Am off to make some foolproof fudge - thanks!

  4. Thanks, Sharon! Enjoy the fudge!

  5. Oh dear lord I've found my people! This is a fantastic site ladies, my friend Matt Hope actually told me today that I needed to check this blog out. AMAZE!!! I have just started writing a very silly food blog. if you have the time here it is


    Miss Valentyne


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