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Friday 27 March 2009

Sluttishly easy: Pretty chocolate shapes

This is just about the easiest recipe in the world. Because it's just melting chocolate! Even you can do that, right? I'm not suggesting that you just melt chocolate and be done with it, but this is a really easy way to pretty up that nice looking lemon mousse you bought in the supermarket and were planning to palm off as your own.

You'll need:

1. As much as you want of your favourite milk chocolate.
2. A pan to melt the chocolate
3. Some sweet heart candy and white chocolate to decorate

And you'll need to do this:

1. Melt the chocolate and smooth it to a baking sheet.
2. Let it cool a bit - not too long.
3. Use cake cutters and outpace some chocolate forms. (You have to be aware that the chocolate isn't too fluid.) Outspace and when it's nearly set, swirl melted white chocolate in patterns to make it pretty. Enjoy.

I promise we'll show you a recipe that actually involves cooking one day. Maybe.

We took this recipe from Aberweger's recipes on the fabulous Nibble Dish. Go and read the rest of them.

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