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Saturday 14 March 2009

About Domestic Sluttery

Domestic Sluttery: The home and lifestyle blog for women who have better things to do.

The Domestic Sluts like their ordinary things to be extraordinary. We want our homes to look good, we want damn tasty food and we want our outfits to be unusual. But we're busy and we enjoy being a little bit lazy. We'd much rather go out dancing than tidying up. Frankly, a five course meal sounds like far too much effort and our idea of 'decorating' is to hide a spaghetti stain on the sofa with a nice cushion. If you think we're going to spend hours in a shopping centre, you're mistaken. We're probably tipsy. Or napping. We do like a nap.

We're a UK-based blog, with male and female writers across the country (all with our own tastes and opinions) discovering the best in design, fashion, food and travel. We don't for a minute think that cupcakes can save the world, but cake will always make you smile on a rubbish day. We'll never tell you about a faceless hotel chain, we want our adventures a little more interesting than that.

We basically want to cheat our way to the good stuff and ignore the crap bits of life for a while. You should come exploring with us.

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Introducing the Domestic Sluts...

Sian Meades: Editor-in-Chief 
Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Domestic Sluttery, Sian Meades is a freelance writer, web editor and social media trouble maker. She's written for Sunday Times Style and she's editor (and queen of bacon sandwiches) for CultureLabel. Her house looks like a vintage curiosity shop. But messier.

She loves giraffes, tea and daisies. She does not love mint chocolate or cheap shoes.

Read more of Siany's sluttery.

You can email her here, but she'll pick up emails sent to the usual address - no need to send to both.

Frances Ambler: Editor
Editor of Domestic Sluttery, Frances is a freelance writer and an editor of pretty books on art and design which neatly sums up her interests in all things arty, bookish and pretty. She also contributes daily to Retro To Go, and was one of the writers for The Rough Guide To Vintage London. Having grown up in a northern seaside town, she retains her fondness for fish and chips, crazy golf and stripy sailor tops. She thinks coca-cola is the tooth-rotting drink of the devil.

Read more of Frances' sluttery.

Sara Vali: Senior Food Writer
Sara earns a living writing leaflets for older people so they don't freeze or fall over, and spends her evenings making sweary cross-stitch cards and compiling the super blog Life! Death! Top Tips! She has a deep and abiding love for south London, twee pop and carbohydrates.

Read more of Sara's Sluttery.

Kat Brown
Kat is a writer/editor and full-time musicals obsessive. When not having Defying Gravity diva-offs at Lucky Voice, she works at The Times, runs, and reviews films for The Lady. At 6’1, she’s also the tallest Sluttière, and is therefore on a constant hunt for tops and coats that don’t end three inches from her wrist. She kindly shares her finds in her Tall Girl Treats column, and also writes our Shelf Esteem book reviews. Bananas are not her thing.

Read more of Kat's Sluttery.

Laura Brown
Laura is a magazine editor by day and a superhero by night. She went to art school and frankly, you can tell. Having grown up in the coastal highlands of Scotland, she gets a headache when she's too far away from the sea, and dreams of one day living in a lighthouse. Skills include predicting the weather with her rain leg, and singing Smells Like Teen Spirit backwards. Laura lives for Caps Lock. 

Read more of Laura's Sluttery.

Alice is a chef by day, illustrator by night. She's worked under the likes of steely eyed Richard Corrigan as well as the softer and smilier Bill Granger. Alice is a lover of all-things-creative, you'll find most of it on her blog Just don't ask her how to use excel.
Alice has a firm belief in calling animals by human names, and long awaits the day that she will have a whippet named Ian.

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Our Sluttery columnists...

Nick Smith: The Boy and His Poison
By day a plucky designer-cum-art-director in a swanky ad-agency, but by night (and occasionally early afternoon) an intrepid booze hound. 80% gin and 20% cynicism he has a misplaced belief that he belongs in the prohibition-era, a penchant for sharp jackets and a curious need to substitute glassware for jam jars.

Read Nick's column The Boy and His Poison.

Caleigh Gnana-Pragasam: Gluten Free
Resident Coeliac Caleigh can usually be found baking gluten free cakes, or blogging gluten free recipes at Gluten Free[k]. When not force-feeding her friends and family, she loiters around farm shops and markets, covets pretty vintage dresses and reads rubbish crime novels. A proud Glaswegian, Caleigh took a wrong turn on the M74 and now lives in Kent with her husband. She loves tea, peanut butter, gin and budgies (but not at the same time).

Read Caleigh's Gluten Free posts.

Gemma Cartwright: Plus Size Picks
Gemma is a fashion and beauty editor based in South London. She's UK fashion editor for Pop Sugar and is a huge fan of shopping on the high street. She's been blogging since she was 16 and launched Catwalk Queen, one of the UK's first ever fashion blogs.

She writes our plus size column, seeking out of the best of plus size fashion on the high street.

Read Gemma's Plus Size Picks.

Laura Hounsom: Let Her Eat Cake
After a brief stint as an actor in her younger years (in such roles as 'the dancing cherry' and 'a chicken') Laura now writes fiction under a worryingly large range of pseudonyms. As Domestic Sluttery's resident cake baker, she can usually be found covering everything in flour and trying to work any and all booze into her recipes. The token Westcountry slut, she enjoys the obligatory cider, cream teas and ploughman's but can otherwise be found hunting markets for interesting ingredients, old trunks, vintage prosthetics and curios that no one else seems to want.

Read her cake column and her free from recipes and buy her a gin and tonic while you're at it. 

Disclosure and privacy:

Oi, what's with the freebies?

We're never paid for our opinions. Sometimes we receive products to review, or get invited to events and do cool things that we don't pay for. This is great fun but inviting us somewhere or sending us something doesn't mean we'll write about it, we're pretty fussy. We'll always disclose when we're writing about something we didn't pay for and our reviews will always be honest.

So how do you make money, then?

We make money by running the adverts you see across the website and you'll sometimes see a sponsored post in our content or listing in our newsletter - we'll always flag when that's the case. As well as banner advertising, we run Skimlinks affiliate links to products in some of our content. This means that occasionally if you buy something we write about, or do a bit of window shopping after visiting our website, you might earn us a little bit of commission from the retailer without costing you anything at all. We do recommend those brands - we only write about things we absolutely love and we'd never send you to something we didn't think was fabulous (unless it was to mock it heartily for being ugly). Because of this we'll still feature our sponsors sometimes when it's appropriate - they're pretty fabulous.

So, what are these cookies I've heard about?

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I didn't mean those cookies.

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I want to ask you something else.

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