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Thursday 19 March 2009

Cocktail Hour: Funkin Mixer Sachets

Here at Domestic Sluttery, there’s nothing we adore more than a good cocktail or two. And some might say that the cocktail-making process, with all its eclectic ingredients, measuring devices, stirrers and shakers, is all part of the fun. But if all you’re after is having some friends over for some fruity, boozy fun, it seems a lot of fuss to have to buy all the necessary obscure ingredients. Not only is it expensive, but when you’re friends have finally stumbled home, you’ll find that you’ve only used a fraction of each bottle; leaving you out of pocket and tempted to dip into the leftover liqueurs for weeks on end afterwards.

These new sachets from Funkin are such a genius solution to this dilemma that we’re sort of baffled as to why no-one came up with it sooner. Priced from 79p per sachet from stockists including Sainsburys, Asda, and Selfridges, these fresh fruit mixers mean that all you need for a delicious fix is the base spirit for each cocktail, such as vodka, tequila or rum. There are six flavours in all, including such fancy and exotic delights as Raspberry Mojito, White Peach Bellini and Passion Fruit Margarita. And they’re 100% natural, with no preservatives, additives or artificial flavourings. So you’ll have less reason to feel guilty the next morning, as well as less washing up.

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