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Wednesday 25 March 2009

Seven Deadly Sins: Lust - Drawers from Tobias and the Angel

I thought the 'lust' part of the sins series would kick off with sexy sheets and generally saucy things. But ever since I spotted this chest of drawers, I've found myself actively lusting over it. I keep sneaking back to the site just to check if it's still there. And it is. Always. Taunting me.

Tobias and the Angel make the country house look possible in London. Unfortunately, my little blogging budget will have to settle for pretty pictures for now. This gloriously sexy chest of drawers is £1897.50. Just see it as £220 per drawer.


  1. Wow...I love these. I've got a chest with lots of little tiny drawers in it at home, and would love to paint it a bright colour like this. If it wasn't for landlord issue I'd deffo give it a go.

  2. Do it! Tell him you'll paint it back if he moans.

    I might try and pick up an old chest of drawers and start myself a mini project.


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