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Friday 17 April 2009

Cocktail Hour: Long Island Iced Tea

Mmm. Long Island Iced Teas are my 'go-to' cocktail for those times when I simply can't make up my mind.

They're also rather easy to make at home which is handy. You'll need:

A good slug of vodka
A good slug of gin
A good slug of tequila
A good slug of light rum
A good slug of Cointreau (or triple sec if you have it)
1 very juicy lime
Bit of cola

Pour all your alcohol into a mixer and squeeze in the lime juice and chuck them in for good measure along with the ice. The proportions of the alcohol are entirely up to you!

Shakey, shakey, shakey then strain into a tall glass filled with ice.

Fill the gap at the top with the cola to take the edge off the alcohol and provide a yummy tea colour! Now sit back and enjoy, preferably outside on a summer's evening accompanied by good conversation and good barbeque.

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