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Tuesday 14 April 2009

New sluts on board, bird watching and your last chance to win Grand Designs Live tickets

Easter is officially over. Boo! Hiss! No more chocolate for you!

But it's not all bad! Domestic Sluttery has had a well deserved break, and we've eaten enough yummy chocolate eggs and read enough pretty magazines to see us through to... well Friday if we're honest. But we've been very very busy and squirrelling away behind the scenes as well.

So what does this mean? Well we've got two new Domestic Sluts starting this week - the lovely Sharon and the lovely Selina. Hooray! This means you'll have even more stuff to read about and even more pretty things to drool over. Very exciting indeed. Say hello.

You've also got until the end of the day (that's 18:00 UK time peeps) to get your Grand Designs Live entries to us. After that, we'll be whipping names out of a hat and you'll find out tomorrow who wins those tickets. To find out what you have to do, read this post here.

And you thought we'd just been lounging around in the sun all weekend. Well, we did that too, or course (that's what wi-fi is for, right?) We also spent the weekend picking out the prettiest bird things we could find. We've gone a bit bird crazy so this week is officially Bird Watching Week on Domestic Sluttery. There's too many pretty winged things out there for us to ignore, so we're embracing the trend. Got something birdy you want us to see? Then tell us in the comments and we'll check it out.

Now, time for a cuppa. We've got some shopping to do.

Flickr image from Krisdecurtis' photostream.

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