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Tuesday 21 April 2009

Free Ben and Jerry's! Free Cone Day!

Free ice cream! Yummy! Tasty icey goodness! It's Ben & Jerry's free cone day, which aside from Christmas is just about the best day ever. Really. BEST DAY EVER. Here's what you do:
  • Go to Ben & Jerry's.
  • Moan about the queue being really long.
  • Get yourself some tasty ice cream.
  • Don't pay a penny - it's free!
  • Eat tasty ice cream.
  • Contemplate doing it all over again, even thought you're a bit full up.
You've got from 12 - 8pm to get there and get your tasty treats. I reckon most places will run out by 7, but that will be because I'm going to run around London going to all of the branches I can find.

I heart Ben & Jerry's right now. Even if I haven't quite forgiven them for discontinuing their Apple Pie flavour.

Flickr image from Big Tall Guy's photostream.

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