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Monday 6 April 2009

So blindingly pretty you might have to Squint

After I posted a piccy of my latest furniture lust from Plumo, Domestic Slut Abi tweeted "I see your Plumo and raise you this Squint." Squint? What is this Squint she speaks of? Well, this is Squint:

Isn't it lovely? It's also £4000 worth of lovely, but luckily the chairs are a little cheaper:

This lovely chair is only £2800, a bargain in comparison, but it is a bit out of my budget. But still, they're very pretty to look at aren't they? And, if you spilled wine on them, it'd just look like part of the pattern. Good work, Abi!


  1. Whenever I see Squint stuff I think "yeah, I could do that, I just need to save some offcuts and...."

    But then I saw the woman's studio, where she has everything arranged by colour so she can custom create each item, and I think "actually, £2000 doesn't seem so bad now."

    One day I will get a custom one. I LOVE that black and grey one. Beautiful.

  2. I thought I'd really go for their bright coloured stuff, and I'm such a magpie like that but I'm really drawn to the black one. It's classier than the other one.

    It might be a few years before one takes pride of place in DS Headquarters though.


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