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Tuesday 21 April 2009

Etsy Pick: Jayne from Firefly's Cunning Hat!

Now, depending on whether you were a fan of Joss Whedon's brilliant but ill-fated show Firefly, you're either going to respond to the picture above by saying "huh?", or by jumping up and down in your seat squealing, "ohmigodohmigod!"

Assuming that, like me, you're in the latter camp - yes - this is a replica of the very fine "cunning hat" Jayne receives from his mother during the series.

For $25 credits, I mean USD, Ma Cobb will lovingly knit you this hat custom-made to your head size and send it to you nestled comfortably in straw, in a box with a handwritten letter (THAT handwritten letter) "to keep you warm in your travels".

So if you are a Browncoat - or you know one whose birthday is coming up - get down to Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe today. I recently got one for a Browncoat friend of mine, and it was very well received.

And just for ultra-squee value, here's Ma Cobb with the mighty Jayne (actor Adam Baldwin) himself:
Time for some thrilling heroics.


  1. OHMIGODOHMIGOD! I love Firefly. How cool!

  2. I don't know what Firefly is. Does this make me not cool anymore?

  3. We must fix this. When is your birthday, young Sian?

  4. November! What is it?! Is it a film? Is it telly?


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