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Wednesday 15 April 2009

Etsy pick: Mermaid necklace; seahorse earrings

I have a bit of a thing about mermaids. When I was little I thought I was one (I also thought I was a vampire and, at one point, a puppy).

This sterling silver mermaid pendant ($49 USD) from London-based jeweller AngelSilver is almost as good as being one, though. And you could accessorise it with these silver seahorse earrings ($18 USD).

Actually, that would be overkill, wouldn't it? Unless you are actually a mermaid, in which case that's totally fine and really quite patriotic if you think about it. Which, clearly, I have spent far too long doing.


  1. Ooo, lovely earrings.

    Please could you do a feature on earrings/necklaces for us? I'm always on the look out for fantastic individual jewellery.

  2. I'm sure we can manage some more jewellery posts! (Not least because two of the Domestic Sluts make their own!)

    I'm not a fan of matching sets though - I prefer my stuff to clash a bit. Is that just me?


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