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Wednesday 1 April 2009

Easter gifts for grown-up girls

I love Easter. It’s something about the family togetherness, the general good will, the acts of kindness, generosity and… stuff.

Obviously that’s a dirty lie. It’s something about chocolate.

Of course, not everybody likes chocolate (stop shaking your head in disbelief – I swear to you, these people do exist). But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get presents. What does the merciless torture, horrific death and improbable return to life of a 2000-year-old person teach us if not that we should love each other, and also buy each other cute, bunny-themed homewares?

If I absolutely must wash the dishes, from now on I insist on stacking them in this delightful bunny dish rack from the Victoria & Albert museum shop, £20

I've never seen a jackalope before. Apparently it's a fictional animal somewhere between a jack rabbit and an antelope. Whatever it is, I don't care. This cushion by pinkbabymouse that I found for $USD40 on Etsy is just cute enough to sit on my sofa.

I love love LOVE this bunny blossom print. I want to frame it and put it on my wall and look at it always. It's perfect: spring, bunnies, pink cherry blossoms. For just £25 from the V&A museum shop, what more does a girl need?


  1. Jackalope? It kinda looks like someone mixed Easter Bunny with Rudolph.


    I might market Eastermas.

  2. I LOVE the V&A shop. That print is amazing. My friend works at the V&A, half her wages go to the shop. Good for discounts, tho....

  3. Ooooh! Lookit:

    Bunny dish rack, only a teensy bit cheaper!


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