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Thursday 16 April 2009

Mummy Love Bangle

Just because you, or someone you know, gives birth to an ickle cutesy baby, it does not mean they immediately lose the capacity to lust over pretty and stylish objects. Or that they refer to everything in 'baby talk'. Ugh.

Which is why this Mummy Love Bangle is perfect.

Made from either silver or gold, it can be used by the baby to gnaw on or shake, rattle and roll. It's also slightly less embarrassing to cart around than bits of chewed plastic or raggedy cloths. As the metal is soft enough for imprints, it also turns into a stylish keepsake of first teeth. It would certainly be one of the most original gifts an expectant mother could receive. Or that a new mummy could treat herself to as a present for having done well so far! I'm certainly considering it and The Daughter is four years old!

Each one is hand made by London based Jac Power and prices vary according to metal markets so contact Jac for more information.

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  1. Love it!!!! Am seriously considering this for number 3!


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