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Tuesday 21 April 2009

Storage solution: Patterned Shoeboxes by Berry Red

Having shoes strewn across my room is a pretty common sight at Domestic Sluttery HQ. Even though I'm pretty good keeping all of the shoes boxes at the bottom of my wardrobe, most of the time I never get around to putting anything in them.

These pretty patterned shoe boxes might put a stop to all that. Look! They've even got see-thru panels so you can find those peep-toes easily. Very handy and much prettier than those dull plastic ones you can buy.

They're £15 each from Berry Red, and if you have lots, you'll be much tidier and neater, won't you? Maybe not, but they'll also make great keepsake boxes too.


  1. *love*

    But they're a tad expensive. I bet, if you were feeling particularly crafty, you could make your own... hmmm. A summer project?

  2. You read my mind! I've been looking for pretty shoe storage for aaaaggggeeessss! Though I also like the idea of making my own!

  3. They are pretty! And Nuttycow, I agree, they're not cheap. But I think I'd buy just a few of them for my favourite pairs.

    The reason I like these so much is the little peep window. I'm not sure how easy that would be to do yourself.


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