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Thursday 9 April 2009

Window shopping at Republic online

Now, I don't wear dresses. When I wear dresses, terrible things happen. I'm not exaggerating. Last time I wore a dress, I fell out of a helicopter.

But if I was to wear a dress, I might wear this large-spotted cocktail dress from Republic. It's fluffy. It's froufy. It's everything I'm not. It's also only £29.99, and would be perfectly accessorised with a life jacket and a personal alarm.

Like I said, when I wear dresses, terrible things happen. So safety first.


  1. More information needed please, Robyn! Y'know, you can buy parachute dresses from All Saints. Kill two birds with one stone. Fall out, float to safety.

  2. I was in Vegas. Champagne had been taken. 'Nuff said methinks ;)

    Parachute dresses! I'll checkemaht. I'd quite like a speedboat dress if anyone's invented them yet.

  3. Here ya go:

    You wouldn't make a very good Bond Girl, I fear. You'd get your evening dress caught in all the gadgets.

  4. I think I'm more of a Q than a Bond anyway. That can work though. Utalitarian chic, right?

    Thanks for the parachute link! Little did I know when I woke this morning that I would type that sentence.

  5. "Last time I wore a dress, I fell out of a helicopter."

    I never thought I'd read this in my life time.

  6. STAY SAFE. BE A TOMBOY. Yessireebob.


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