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Thursday 23 April 2009

Seven Deadly Sins: Vanity - Heal's mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all...

Yes, I know vanity is a very bad thing and it's the downfall of wicked witches all over fairyland, but I want to be able to do my hair nicely so I'll just have to risk it.

If you're looking for a mirror for your boudoir, this one will work perfectly. Most of the stuff in Heal's is all clean lines and modern. This mirror has a rather traditional twist which makes it just about my favourite thing in the whole shop right now. It's only £88.09 too.


  1. Oh so pretty.

    Sadly too expensive this month :(

  2. Y'know, Nutty Cow, I've yet to find a pretty mirror that's budget friendly. I'll keep looking and see if I can find some for under £50.


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